Feeding Farmers Underway

img_2183We are excited to report that first the artist meals for farmers have taken place!

The very first Feeding Farmers meal took place on 25 September when artist Lois Bielefeld prepared a picnic for Chue Moua, Mee Thao Moua, and Kelly Cassel at Moua Family Farm in Fitchburg.

On 27 September, the artists TetraPAKMAN (aka Victor Castro) prepared four very different salsas from the same ingredients  and served them over quesadillas at Snug Haven Farm in Belleville. At the meal were Bill Warner, Danielle Wood, Boi Casillas, Galen Thompson, Bill Eichman and Laurie Beth Clark.


On 8 October, Bird Ross and Tom Loeser prepared a meal based on the alphabet from Z to A for Bob Willard and Jane Hamilton of Ela Orchard in Rochester.


In addition, Michael and Laurie Beth have had the privilege of dining twice at Sylvie Rosenthal‘s stunning table designed for the project.  We’ll be using this table for conversations about food systems throughout the Feeding Farmer’s project.


On 2 October, we served Tortilla Española for Sarah Elliot, who is the manager of the Dane County Farmer’s Market, and to Paul Ehrhardt and Kay Jensen who own JenEhr Family Farm in Sun Prairie. Our conversation focused on the farmers’ market as a system.


On 9 October, we served a Japanese meal for Sylvie Rosenthal who designed the table, her partner Leah Stargardter, and Leah Kolb who is a curator for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Our conversation focused on the design of the table and its use within the museum context.


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