Bird Ross & Tom Loeser for Ela Orchard (Rochester)

Feeding Ela Orchard 8 October 2016

Or how to eat the alphabet backwards, on a Saturday, in the museum, once the farmers are done @ the Farmers Market.

So we started with orange Zest in bubbly water and worked our way towards apples.  Ela Orchard is all about Apples.  We wanted to share some time with Bob & Jane and we wanted to feed them and have fun.  We managed, over a 3-hour period, to do just that.

After orange Zest, we slurped through Yam soup and then provided a dos XX bottle with a candle for X and for atmosphere.  Watermelon slices followed and we chased that with bubble-y water containing shots of Very delicious Vinegar.  Then next of course comes U. We served a delightful Umebosi in a bit of rice inside of sake cups.  A Tomato from our garden followed and Spinach with a Soy and Sesame Seed oil garnish followed that.

We next noshed on a fresh Red pepper, a portobello-mushroom Quiche and Pickled okra.  What followed were the fresh Odors of coffee and cardamom.  Then were Nuts (pecans from the yard of my sister in S. Carolina) and Nasturtiums (from our Madison garden).  Then we shared petite boules of Mascarpone Mixed with (Door County) cherry jelly.  Later came the letter L, where our farmers had to Look Left.  (And at the end of the meal they were given the Leftovers from the meal to take home.)

We subsquently donned a Key lime necklace on our guest Bob.  He looked dashing and smelled zesty. After K came J and the pouring of hot Jasmine Tea, then on to I which lead to an Ice cube with a dried cherry Incased within.

HG & F were fairly difficult for our guests to figure out.  They saw the Honey, they recognized the Feta….but in between the two was nothing, a blank.  But truthfully it was a Gap.  What followed were Eggs, which were Deviled, Cucumbers which were steeped in sherry vinegar, raspberries that were served simply and ultimately we wrapped up with 4 Apples and Almond cake.

We gathered a lot of raw ingredients, we cooked and prepared a lot of food, we schlepped a bunch of dishes and platters, glasses and linens, boxes and coolers, we laid out a beautiful, alphabetized buffet and ate and drank our way through delicious conversation. We felt the sunlight through the Museum’s windows and waved at the passers-by.  We caught up with each other’s lives and we renewed our friendship. It was great fun feeding the farmers.  They said it was magic.  We say thanks so much for the opportunity.

Bird Ross & Tom Loeser

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