Comprehensive visual documentation and information is at spatulaandbarcode.art

Spatula&Barcode makes art projects in which the performance of place and of hospitality are central. Most projects involve conversation and some form of playful gift or souvenir (“swag”). While most Spatula&Barcode projects involve food in some way, their recent series Foodways directly explores the movements of food and food culture.

Spatula&Barcode is a “social practice art” group that combines many activities in their projects: interviews and interactions, social media, photography, writing, and public events. Spatula&Barcode is the umbrella name for the work that Michael Peterson and Laurie Beth Clark make together, but we often say that anyone who works with us on one of the projects is a part of Spatula&Barcode.

Spatula&Barcode was founded in 2008 by Laurie Beth Clark and Michael Peterson (both faculty in the Department of Art, University of Wisconsin).


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Spatula and Barcode,
    I recently broke a beautiful etched glass pitcher that I have been using all summer long to serve mint water in. Can you please make some suggestions about how to choose a new glass pitcher, or recommend a specific one?

    • We will convene a working group to consider this problem. Are you chilling the pitcher and putting ice in glasses, or putting ice directly in the pitcher? Also, what kind of mint?

  2. Wow! Thanks S&B for convening a working group!
    I grow regular old mint in my garden, cut a bunch, pull off the leaves, wash and bruise them. I put them in the pitcher and pour filtered water over them. I then chill it. I use a strainer to keep the leaves from falling in to the glass when I pour the water. When the pitcher is empty, I refill it once to reuse the mint leaves (usually within a day). Then I start all over. No ice is used in the process unless the refigerator is too cold and ice forms on top.
    Thank you.

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  5. Hello Spatula & Barcode! Just wanted to thank you for your lovely video for the Practice Based Research in the Arts course. Our PBR group, “Blueberry Blintz” (apparently we were thinking about food even before we met you!) has been a group for about a month now, but it was only thanks to your invitation that the 6 of us got to “hangout” together today:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful practice with us!

    PS: How did the workgroup re: Karin’s pitcher turn out? Also, I love her mint water, but I wonder if it’s actually necessary to strain out the leaves? I’m not sure what size they are, but if they’re not very fine, I think I wouldn’t mind having them in my water. It seems like it might not be hard to filter them out with lips or teeth and that the overall experience would be pleasing. Of course I’m kind of a mint nut.

  6. Hello S&B, it’s me again. Our PBR MOOC from Leslie & Helen is just wrapping up now. With so many wonderful visiting artists offering us so many insightful activities, I can honestly say that none have had a more significant impact on myself or my groupmates than yours. The original “Shared Online Meal” that you invited us to a few weeks ago has now turned into a monthly online meal for 2014. Thank you for the continuing inspiration!

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