Walang Gutom (“end hunger” or “the end of hunger” in Tagalog)

Physical Distance, Social Solidarity (about our dislike of the phrase “social distance”)

Daily Specials and Special Days

We Make Art Out of Privilege

We’re What’s for Dinner!

Actually, Pretty Ambivalent About Socializing

Jetzt geht’s um die Wurst. (“Now it goes around the sausage”–meaning, it’s now or never. From Foodways: Darmstadt).

Don’t come the raw prawn with us! (from Foodways: Melbourne)

“What we are trying to do is real life,” Peterson said. “We leverage the concept of art to get to do it.” (From Lindsay Christians’ article on Foodways: Madison )

“Blurring the line between the ludic and the ludicrous”


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