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Cooking with Xin Wang

October 25, 2014


Cooking with Bird and Tom

May 22, 2014


The “Cooking with…” event that we auctioned in the benefit for Justin Bitner back in December was purchased by Bird Ross and Tom Loeser.  A few weeks ago, we were finally able to schedule a weekend that was compatible to all parties. Read more…

We want to hear from you!

October 28, 2013

Dear Friends:

Thanks to everyone who has participated in Café Allongé by attending a performance.

We’re hoping you had a great experience and that you are willing to share it with us. You can do this by posting a comment below or by sending us an email at

If by any chance you did not receive a souvenir mug when you attended one of our performances, write to us at and we’ll arrange to get one to you.

We’ll be hosting a party to celebrate the project in late January at which you will have the opportunity to speak with all the performers. More details coming soon.

Laurie Beth and Michael

Café Allongé Artists Bring Gallery Night to the Coffee Scene

October 10, 2013

On Friday night October 4th I had the thrilling experience of zipping around downtown to check on the 6 performances from the Café Allongé project that were happening almost simultaneously. Like so much else about the project, this enriched my sense of Madison’s geography and culture and yet again made me appreciate this town.

5:35 pm: Marina Kelly prepares to lead her audience away from Michelangelo's Coffee House.

6:35 pm: Marina Kelly prepares to lead her audience away from Michelangelo’s Coffee House.

Katie Schag performing at Indie Coffee overlooking Regent St.

6:45 pm: When I walk in to see Katie Schag performing at Indie Coffee overlooking Regent St., she and her audience are singing a song together, and it sounds so good I’m worried for a moment that there’s a music performance booked at the same time.

7:10 pm: Jeff Casey discourses on friendship at Barriques on Park St.

7:10 pm: Jeff Casey discourses on friendship at Barriques on Park St.

Jill Casid at Barriques West Washington

7:25 pm: Jill Casid’s piece is about, among other things, photography, so I felt OK about obnoxiously snapping phone pix of this intense conversation at Barriques West Washington.

Barry and Velliquette tarot reading.

7:30pm: On my way out, I realize that Quan Barry and Michael Velliquette have moved up the street from Electric Earth to do their gallery night tarot reading.

Angela Richardson performing in the lighted front window of Cafe Zoma.

7:45pm: When I reach the sidewalk outside Cafe Zoma’s big glass window, I can’t help but think that Angela Richardson doesn’t need the common theatre advice to “find your light.”

The Show is Open

September 22, 2013

Laurie Beth serves café allongé at the opening of the Wisconsin Triennial.

First Press for Café Allongé

September 17, 2013

Artists stir up new ideas with cooking and performance art

Photos: Spatula & Barcode

Performer turns ‘breast is best’ into intimate public theater

Madison mom puts on one-woman show on breastfeeding

Spatula&Barcode at Wisconsin Triennial: Café Allongé opens September 20

September 13, 2013

cafeAllonge copy

We’ve had a thrilling time preparing a city-wide festival of coffee-shop performances for the Wisconsin Triennial. A revival of an idea we built for one weekend in Montreal in 2011, this Café Allongé features 16 perrformances in 16 coffee shops with performances running for three months!

Information about the project, descriptions of performances, bios of performers, and a link to sign up for performance dates can be found at Our page on the Triennial website. Follow us on Twitter: @Spatcode or #Allonge.

We loved the Montreal project, but making the piece at home in Madison, with time to get to know cafe owners and staff, and to work with performers developing their work in the coffee shop they love, has been even better. The three-month run should be really interesting, as pieces evolve and performers become fixtures in their cafes. The development experience has also deepened our appreciation of the depth and breadth of Madison’s coffee cuiture. We’re honored to be making what is really our public Madison debut through the Triennial, and deeply grateful to the folks at MMoCA, all the cafes, and especially the amazing, brave, sensitive, and dedicated performers.


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