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Preparing for Foodways Melbourne

January 1, 2016

We’ve been on a self-funded writing residency for the last few months, but the whole time we’ve been working with some wonderful partners in Australia to get ready to start making Foodways Melbourne when we arrive in January. Lots of exciting plans in the works!

Jars of sourdough starter.

Wild-yeast sourdough starter which we built in Germany (and used for our famous pancakes) will travel to Australia with us to help grow the next version of the Foodways project.

Foodways Darmstadt Wrap-Up

September 24, 2015

We’ve published six posts recapping the project Foodways Darmstadt. Here’s a hot-linked index:

1. Overview: a bit of what the project is about and how we got started in Darmstadt.

2. Marktforschung: “Market Research”–our interactions with participants in the first phase.

3. Rundgang: the tour/parade that was the most theatrical part of the project.

4. In Bewegung: “In Motion”: the day-long symposium distributed around the area.

5. Thanks/Credits: a narrative, rather than just a list, of “who made Foodways Darmstadt?”

6. Reflections: the beginnings of an essay about what we’re learning from the work.

(Note that below they appear in reverse-chronological order, blog-style.)

6. Foodways Darmstadt Reflections

September 24, 2015


Foodways Darmstadt was well received. People had fun making the maps and walking in the parade. Co-hosts seemed pleased to be showcased and demonstrated a wealth of creativity in their contributions. Demeter, one of the largest organic wholesalers in Germany, featured the project on their blog and the Foodsharers on Facebook. The buzz about the project was far greater than the number of participants.  By the third week, people we met often had already heard about the project through social networks or the press and we even received solicitations to be part of the next iteration, as though we were an ongoing local institution. Read more…

5. Foodways Darmstadt Thanks/Credits

September 23, 2015

Who made Foodways Darmstadt?

Read more…

4. Foodways Darmstadt: In Bewegung

September 23, 2015

The in Bewegung was a day-long distributed symposium that began with pancakes at sunrise and ended with cinnamon toast at sunset.  In between, we made ten stops at farms and gardens, restaurants and stores, food distribution centers and community picnic grounds. We liked title because it refers to movement in both its physical and political senses.  Our goal was to showcase a variety of local foodways.  At each site, we shared a map (created in phase one) and a snack, most often provided by the co-host who also gave a tour or brief talk. Read more…

3. Foodways Darmstadt: Rundgang

September 23, 2015

The second phase of the project was the most about spectacle. Read more…

2. Foodways Darmstadt Phase One: Marktforschung

September 23, 2015

We created more than two dozen maps with farmers, vendors, chefs, consumers, and activists of the ways that food moves in their community. The title of this section means “market research” and we did, for two consecutive Saturdays, set up a “stall” at the weekly farmers market  to make maps that showed the routes by which the vendors brought their food to market and the routes people traveled to take them home. Read more…


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