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Our introductory post, 13 June 2023.

Tara Na“, on our first set of activities and visits, 20 June.

The swag we created for PSi27 Hunger Conference, 07 July.

A wrap-up of the conference, 12 July.

Remembering Hunger“, reflecting on hunger in our earlier work, 5 August.

A “Return Visit” to AJ Kalinga foundation, 17 August.

A spectulative think-piece about some of the questions that have emerged for us so far, 17 August.

The call for proposals for two journal special issues we’re co-editing “On Hunger.”

Our visit to Sagup Negros in Bacolod.

Walang Gutom: new aprons, bowls, and masks.

Our visit with the residents of Bahay Kalinga to see their community feeding program.

An encounter in Ozamiz with members of La Salle University and a Subanen indigenous community.

Our celebration with folks at AJ Kalinga foundation.

Our final events in Bacolod.

The “end” of hunger.


The End of Hunger

The Filipino phrase WALANG GUTOM, with which we have marked aprons, bowls, and masks, means both the imperative END HUNGER and the descriptive THE END OF HUNGER.  Here, we use it to refer to the end of our work in the Philippines and in this “final” post, we will reflect on our experiences and set some goals for going forward.

As we were leaving, we were put in touch with exactly the artists we would have loved to meet on day one. These are Precious Leano and Alex Baluyut of the Art Relief Mobile Kitchen (ARMK).

The blue and red logo of Art Relief Mobile Kitchen
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Bahay Kalinga

Bahay Kalinga is a program of the Arnold Janssen Kalinga Foundation (whose central Manila operation we’ve visited several times) in which annual cohorts of roughly a dozen unsheltered men are given the opportunity to join a seven-month residential program intended to support them in their effort to (re)join the workforce and find affordable housing. We knew little more than this when we headed off to visit Bahay Kalinga, but were very impressed by what we found there.

A courtyard with a large tree and bird pen and a covered area in the background
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Walang Gutom

While we were in Bacolod, a package arrived in Manila containing our aprons. We were relieved and a bit surprised that they were not held up at customs. The aprons are printed with a version of the Spatula&Barcode logo that replaces the gingham pattern of the Foodways series with a pattern of rice grains and includes the words WALANG GUTOM, which can be translated as an imperative to END HUNGER or the descriptive phrase THE END OF HUNGER.

A stack of white aprons with the Walang Gutom logo
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Call for Proposals for concurrent issues on ‘Hunger’ in the journals:

Global Performance Studies (GPS) Vol. 5 No. 2 (Oct/Nov 2023)

Performance Research: Vol. 28, No. 7 (Oct/Nov 2023)

Laurie Beth Clark, University of Wisconsin–Madison, United States
Jazmin Llana, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines
Michael Peterson, University of Wisconsin–Madison, United States

Deadline for Proposals: 1 November 2022

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