PSi #27: Hunger (Conference Souvenirs)

We’ll have more to say about our involvement with the 27th conference of Performance Studies international (an amazing and rich set of experiences), but right now we’re just sharing for conference attendees a link to some swag:

A tote bag hanging on a wooden coat rack, the bag shows a background of rice grains and the text is "P.S.I. #27 Walang Gutom 2022"

One part of a conference that is lost when a conference goes online is conference swag—the tote bag, the t-shirt, the mug—that you would have taken home to remind you of the event. Sometimes these objects are desirable, sometimes forgettable; for PSi27, we can at least treat them as optional.

Here, we offer you a memento of the events of Performance Studies international #27: Hunger. 

We’ve created a simple design that reads “Walang Gutom” (no hunger, or “the end of hunger” in Tagalog/Filipino) and uploaded it to the ecommerce site Redbubble. You can visit the Spatula&Barcode store ( and choose among several print-on-demand items with this design. A 20% markeup above cost is added to each item which we will donate to hunger action.

This post has some further details and answers to anticipated questions:

We were undecided about whether to offer an English option. It’s easy enough to create. Let us know if you think we should.

We chose Redbubble because they seem to be fairly progressive in their language, at least, about workplace, climate, and supporting artists, and because they produce somewhat regionally. That said, shipping to many places, especially in Asia, is quite expensive. We’re looking for where we might print some items in Manila if anyone is interested.

We are also happy to share the (very amateur) artwork with anyone to have something printed locally for yourself, if you make any donation to a hunger action group. For this option, contact us at

Redbubble loves to imagine your design on all kinds of objects; if there are other things not listed that you prefer, let us know and we can see if we can open them up.


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