Mise en Place / Wish You Were Here

September 2010, Rijeka, Croatia

Mise en place is a cooking term meaning to prepare and arrange all the ingredients of a dish before beginning to cook. This event assembled artistic, culinary, academic, and social ingredients and put them both in and out of place.

Wish you were here is a clichéd sentiment from souvenir postcards. We’d been thinking about the pleasures and privileges of travel, home, and hospitality, and also about the in/compatibilty of the conventions of the theatre and the restaurant.

“What does it mean to travel? To have a home? How do food and performance enact globalization and localization? Are you going to finish that?”

We’re grateful to everyone involved, whether listed here or not, for contributing ingredients, computers, ideas and presence to this performance “shift” We’re also indebted to several concentric circles of contributors, starting with Konoba Nebuloza restaurant, the conference and shift hosts, other Croatian friends, and our guest telepresences from around the world.

For this piece in particular we are indebted to performances and other influences from Richard Gough, Joseph Beuys, Marin Blazevic, Anthony Bourdain, Nicolas Bourriaud, Bertolt Brecht, Julia Child, Ping Chong, various Clarks (especially Danny, Julian, Rita and Melissa), crayfish and crawfish, Diego Felix, Geoffrey Hendricks, Francis Mallmann, New Year’s in Havana, phô for breakfast, Ute Ritschel, street food and market stalls, Yue Wah grocery, Phillip Zarrilli, and countless folks who have visited or hosted us.

Hosts: Marin Blazevic, Una Bauer, Lada Cale-Feldman, Petra Corva, Alan Vukelic, Davor Miškovic

Dinner Guests of Honor:

Ecuador: Marlon Barrios Solano

Argentina: Eduardo Santiere

Benin: Joseph Adandé

South Africa: Thembinkosi Goniwe

India: Ravi Khote

Indonesia: Franki Raden

Singapore: Kaylene Tam

China: Emily MENG, Lucy Feiyang, May HU, Lizhi LIU, Xiangquan ZHENG,Tiancheng LI, Hua HAN, Fei YAN, Sha Sha, Xiaoxia GUO


Jelena Horvat

Kristina Rašeta

Ivana Lalic

Marko Robinic

Nina Benovic

Musical Dramaturgy: Nina Benovic

Rijeka Assistance: Marisa Maksimovic

Catering: Igor Knezevic

Thanks to all the Igors at Nebuloza: Igor Jagic, Siniša Fucak, Jasna Velejanlic, Hrvoje Dzimbek, Marica Dujmic

Flowers: Dajana Prizmic

Additional Properties courtesy Richard Gough (Last Supper).

Video Telephony Recording made possible by Vodburner

Graphics: Nancy Zucker

Apron Printing: Dorla Mayer Masks: Janez Janša

Thanks to Preeti Chopra, Henry Drewel, Tomislav Longinovic, Douglas Rosenberg, Sara Schneckloth, Hongtao Zhou


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