Foodways Madison Update

Foodways Madison is our a year-long exploration of the food systems that shape “how we do food.” This social practice art project includes  a residence at the Madison Public Library, a work for the Wisconsin Triennial, and a year-long workshop symposium through the university.

Below you will find a description and listings for some of the Madison events.


We’ll be giving a public talk about the complete Foodways project (Germany, Australia, and the United States)  in Community Room 301 of the Central Branch of the Madison Public Library on Monday, 14 November at 6:30pm.   Continue reading

Introducing Foodways Madison

We’ve returned to Madison, WI, after 18 months abroad, and while we’re still unpacking and finishing up loose ends and documentation from Foodways Melbourne, we’re also already fully immersed in the Foodways Madison project. After focusing on the literal movement of foods (in Darmstadt) and on people’s narratives and language about food in Melbourne, in Madison we’ll be focusing on food systems, from farms to retailers to the waste stream–but also how we can individually understand ourselves as connected to big food systems, and as creators of small food systems.

Jars of sourdough starter.

Wild-yeast sourdough starter which we built in Germany (and used for our famous pancakes) traveled to Australia and then home to Madison with us to help grow future Foodways projects.

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Foodways Melbourne Wrap-Up

We’ve posted some pretty substantial posts about the concluding elements of the Foodways Melbourne project.

Nothing else to add, really, except to say again, thank you, Melbourne.