Compiled Links to Foodways Philippines Posts

Oldest to newest:

Our introductory post, 13 June 2023.

Tara Na“, on our first set of activities and visits, 20 June.

The swag we created for PSi27 Hunger Conference, 07 July.

A wrap-up of the conference, 12 July.

Remembering Hunger“, reflecting on hunger in our earlier work, 5 August.

A “Return Visit” to AJ Kalinga foundation, 17 August.

A spectulative think-piece about some of the questions that have emerged for us so far, 17 August.

The call for proposals for two journal special issues we’re co-editing “On Hunger.”

Our visit to Sagup Negros in Bacolod.

Walang Gutom: new aprons, bowls, and masks.

Our visit with the residents of Bahay Kalinga to see their community feeding program.

An encounter in Ozamiz with members of La Salle University and a Subanen indigenous community.

Our celebration with folks at AJ Kalinga foundation.

Our final events in Bacolod.

The “end” of hunger.


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