COVID FOODWAYS: Invitation to Participate

How has the pandemic changed food for you? How have you adapted your foodways to meet these new conditions?

Spatula&Barcode invites you to participate in the COVID FOODWAYS project.

There are three ways to participate:


Post an image with a short description in any language of a change in the way you eat, cook, or shop since the start of the pandemic on your preferred social media, using the hashtag #covidfoodways

sign indicating that bulk sales have been suspended

Complete the consumer survey.


(If you are a food producer, please consider completing the producer survey as well at

Hay versiones en español de ambas encuestas disponibles; contáctenos si las prefiere.

large outdoor cooking kettles

Schedule an online conversation by contacting us at if you are especially interested in this topic or have unique experiences with food in the pandemic. We’ll set up a remote interview that will contribute to an artwork or essay or film on this theme. 

También se puede participar en las entrevistas en español.

We are all affected by the pandemic and its impact on our food systems–please forward this email to anyone who might be interested!

For more background and context on COVID FOODWAYS visit this page.


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