Spatula&Barcode is pleased to announce the availability of masks printed with the words:


We are gifting these masks to honor friends, relatives, colleagues, and students who are working for social justice through protests, activism, labor, financial contributions, education, lived experience, etc. 

If you would like to have a mask, let us know your color preference and your mailing address. 

The masks are multi-layered machine-washable cotton with comfortable elastic bands that go around the head instead of the ears. They have an adjustable nose bridge for a secure fit and are gathered at the chin. They are hand screen printed with non-toxic waterbase inks by Screen Door Studio, a woman-owned print shop in Madison, WI, specializing in small custom screenprint jobs.

Masks with text: "Physical Distance/Social Solidarity" in red, purple, grey, black, and 4 shades of blue

Please include a sentence or two about what you have been doing so we can add it to our blog where we are documenting different ways to engage with anti-racist action during a pandemic. You can see what others are doing on this page.

If you would like to help to fund the next round of mask printing, you can do so via paypal (


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