2 February Potluck Recipes

Chilean Celery Avocado Nut Salad (Alex Huneeus)

Toffee Bars (Anna Gebarski)

Mom’s Hamburger Casserole (Claire Wendland)

Never Fail Sugar Cookies (David Berna)

Grandma’s Orange Cookies (Jessica Courtier & Ione Courtier-Hewson)

Roast Chicken (Kay Jensen & Paul Ehrhardt)

Peaches and Cream Pie (Keo Corak)

Company Chicken (Kristin Clausen)

Dark Fruit Cake (Laurie Beth Clark)

Chicken Soup (Laurie Beth Clark) & Matzoh Balls (Michael Peterson)

Mom’s Fruit Cocktail Cake (Mary Moore)

Spring Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce (Megan McGlone)

Rice Croquettes (Michael Peterson)

Broccoli Salad (Noel Ash)

Mung Bean Patties / Pindae dduk (Peggie Choy)

Quanda’s Deviled Tea Eggs (Quanda Johnson)

Quanda’s Chinese Sesame Noodles (Quanda Johnson)

Rugelakh / Grandma’s Cookies (Rita Hindin)

Spam Musube (Tomiko Jones)


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