Other Fall Semester Foodways Activities

Spatula&Barcode gave two lectures about the Foodways series this fall.



In October, we participated in the Common Ground Food Studies conference at the University of California in Berkeley.

You can see the slideshow we used for these lectures (large, over two hundred images) below–but, of course, you cannot hear the narration.

We shared the stage with innovative chefs and restaurateurs at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art event Art+Food.


You can see Michael here with Mel Trudeau and Jonny Hunter of Underground Kitchen and Tory Miller (L’Etoile, Graze, Sujeo, Estrellon).

For this event, we created playing cards that had to be traded between attendees in order to taste the full range of snacks.


We also catered (and shared our work during) an evening event that showcased University of Wisconsin Art Department faculty participating in the Wisconsin Triennial.  Our four courses homemade beer with homemade sourdough crackers, Hook’s aged cheddar cheese and Underground sausages, miso soup (from our own aged miso) with rutabaga and parsnip muffins, hot cider with “chicken-deviled” eggs, and finally homemade maple ice cream (with wine provided by the museum).


It was an interesting challenge to create snacks that could be effectively shared on a school bus.


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