Four More Meals

This blog post will catch us up on four more meals that were completed during the the Feeding Farmers project, one from November, one from December, and two from January.

On 19 November, the arts collective Spooky Boobs cooked for and ate with the farmers from Luna Circle Farm (Rio).

Maggie Snyder writes:

On November 19, we fed Tricia of Luna Circle Farm, and her farmers market crew, at the Monona Terrace. We decided on a vegetarian menu, and food preparations began the night before, with the cooking finishing up the morning of the luncheon.

The Menu:

Red lentil, carrot and ginger soup
Wild rice and arugula salad
Fresh cranberries
Roasted spaghetti squash with parmesan cheese
Fresh baked bread and butter
Hot apple cider
Dark chocolate torte
Sparkling water

For the luncheon, we repurposed some of our designed wallpaper into placemats and cloth napkins.

We served the farmers and ate with a beautiful view of the lake, which had not yet frozen over, since we were having a very warm fall. The conversation meandered over many topics, and was easy. Everyone shared about their work and daily lives. We spoke about our artwork as a collective as well as our individual practices. Prompted by the subversive patterns present in our place settings, Tricia and her crew talked about the stereotypes that they encounter at the farmer’s market, that farmers are uneducated or unintelligent. We all discussed the role language has in either perpetuating or challenging social standards.

On 4 December, Brenda Baker prepared a meal at her cabin for the farmers of Taproot Farm and Fruit (Ridgeway) and several of their neighbors.

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Brenda writes:

The pizza party was magical (and a bit complicated) because it was snowing like mad while we were cooking pizzas. We had never had a pizza party with our outdoor pizza oven during a blizzard before.

We learned that if we make pizzas during a snowstorm in the future, it would be good to have a tent overhead.

As it was, it simply meant prepping everything inside, shuttling two pizzas at a time with saran wrap over them, outside, and them quickly covering the pizzas to get them back inside to be eaten.  The first few were eaten right outside, but then we moved the guests inside where the rest of the food was spread out on the table.

Everyone had a great time, and we will be seeking Eric’s advice this spring when we plant our own apple trees near our garden, since Taproot Farms is most known for its apples.

Everything we served had something that was left from our garden:  Pumpkin, kale and honey from our bees, or venison from a deer my son Henry shot on our land. (I didn’t have much time gardening this year, hence the lack of variety!)

I made curried pumpkin soup, we had a beautiful green salad with veggies from Harmony Valley & the Co-op, and we had lots of different pizzas.  I think I made about 20-25 total, including dessert pizzas and a few gluten free pizzas.

I put a little honey and pumpkin in the marinara sauce, so every pizza would have some bit of our farm in the ingredients. Most of the pizzas had the marinara sauce, but I also made several with a pumpkin base instead, which everyone was leery about, but which was delicious.  The pumpkin pizza had Italian/venison sausage, sage, kale, toasted pumpkin seeds and mozzarella cheese and was hands down my favorite.

Dessert pizzas all had a little bit of honey, and were either mascarpone/fruit based, or Nutella/fruit based.

Toppings for all included Italian sausage & venison, pepperoni, basil, onion, mushrooms, red peppers, spinach, pumpkin, honey, pumpkin seeds, sage, assorted cheeses, mascarpone, Nutella, raspberries, bananas.

My family:  Dean, Eli, Kermit (our dog), and our two goats, Kevin and Dave  (Henry was away at college)

Guest included our neighbors in Ridgeway:

  • Eric Udelhoefen and his son Frank, from Taproot Fruit and Farm up the street
  • John Koffel (the former owner of our place who moved up the hill)
  • our neighbors Ashley and Kevin Roethle and their kids Chase and Corinne
  • Our friends who help us mill lumber on our land,  Michael and Krista Browne and their newborn son Linus

On 5 January, Megan Marsh-McGlone and Morgan delivered apple pie for John Schlitz of Forest Run Farm (DeForest).

Megan writes:

“The meal” consisted of a moon and stars themed Vanilla Cherry Apple pie made by Morgan and myself.

The meal happened/will happen on January 5th, 2017. I left the pie for Forest Run Farm farmer John Schlitz at the lab where we work together.  He works at his farm during the day, and works in the lab on campus at night (when most of us are gone) so he often misses out on treats that the lab members share during the day–so I brought this pie in just for him.  He and I have talked and he will arrive some time this evening to work, at which time he will pick up the pie and bring it home to share with his wife Dena, who also works at Forest Run Farm during the growing season.

On 6 January, Jojin Van Winkle delivered a meal to be eaten later in the day  accompanied by a note thanking them for being farmers to the Thao family (Nao, Mai, Shifa, Mark, Kink, Huar, and Gao) of Mai’s Flowers (McFarland).

Jojin writes:

The meal was yellow, orange and purple-ish based: lemon chicken baked in a homemade vegetable broth, quinoa cooked in carrot juice and decorated with peppers, pickled beets, pickled spicy beans and pickled spicy mushrooms, corn, acorn squash, gluten-free cornbread muffins, peaches and black berries, lemonade, gluten-free chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chips inside and chocolate frosting with sprinkles, and a few tangerines.

Overall, it was fun to cook for them but I was sad I couldn’t actually have a meal together with the family/farmers. I had lots of questions I wanted to ask them about their farming experiences.  But I’m happy to have met them a bit.  They live in Madison, not on their farm proper–or at least that’s where I dropped off the food, to their house in town.

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