More Artists Feeding Farmers in October


On 23 October, Sarah Khan made a meal of marinated chicken in a yogurt sauce, eggplant with onions and tomato, and garbanzos and purple potatoes in a tamarind sauce, yogurt with mint, and a spicy cilantro chutney all served with brown rice.  Present at at the farm were Gretchen Cruse and Richard Shuman of Hickory Hill Farm (Loganville) as well as Sarah Khan, Henry Drewal and Meeta Mastani.

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Sarah writes:

We arrived walked and talked on the land, met chickens, cats, geese, old farm equipment and new, and chatted away, learned of the 4-generation farm history, and the challenges of working an organic farm in the midst of non-organic ones. Gretchen’s parents’ tenacity and commitment to land conservation proved visionary…and Gretchen manages to carry on the tradition on nearly 200 acres.

Henry and Meeta, helped with all aspects of the dinner and presentation, and Gretchen created a beautiful outdoor table, and a roaring fire in a big metal caldron to allow us to sit outside till into the evening, contemplating our work, lives, stars and spirits…

On 28 October, Faisal Abdu’Allah cooked a traditional Jamaican soup for Mike and Jean Martin (and guest Andrew Salyer) at Jones Valley Farm in Spring Green.

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