On 22 October, Justin Bitner and Angela Johnson fed Dave and Barb Perkins at Vermont Valley Community Farm (Black Earth). Here is the blog post they created about their experience.

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When we were asked to be a part the project Feeding Farmers by Spatula Barcode there was no hesitation with a response. Yes! Yes! Yes! The project involves community, food and Art. When deciding who to feed it was easy for us to choose; Angela and I have been members of a CSA called for six years. It took this project to make us realize we had no idea who was filling our stomachs and providing community with fresh local produce.


The weekend after we accepted the invitation we were scheduled to be at the farm and attend a scheduled tomato pick they have at the end of very season; this is one of the many community events they host during the CSA season (pumpkin pick, pesto party…). We went a bit early so we could introduce the project and ourselves to see if they were willing to participate.

The owners…

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