Feeding Farmers: Some October Meals

On 15 October, Cedar Marie delivered turkey wild rice soup and sourdough bread for Tara Dirth and Shirley Young at the Young Earth Organics booth at the to the Dane County Farmers Market.


On 16 October, Jose Teixeira and Sarah FitzSimons prepared brunch/lunch  at MMoCA for Kristen Kordet and Scott Taylor of Blue Moon Community Farm.

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On 22 October, Helen Klebesadel collaborated with Akeem Torres and Eloisa Torres Flores on a meal for Mathew Smith and Susan Lampert Smith of  Blue Valley Gardens Farm (Mt. Horeb). Neighbors  Debi Dennis and Jack Markin were recruited to eat all the food.  

Eloisa Torres was in Madison for her annual check up after a lifesaving surgery at UW-Hospital.  Susan Lampert Smith (spouse of Matt) wrote an article about Eloisa’s treatment and recovery. Her day job is as a publicist with the hospital, and it was because she was writing this article that she knew we had a fantastic Puerto Rican food expert at my house, leading to the Puerto Rican themed meal using their poultry.

Here is the story:  http://www.uwhealth.org/news/rare-cancer-treatment/49602

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Helen wrote:

Matt and Susan provided the poultry and requested a Puerto Rican themed meal.
Helen recruited her spouse Akeem and his mother, Eloisa Torres Flores, to bring their expertise and share in the making of the meal. Helen made her favorite Puerto Rican dish, Pastelón. It is best described as a Puerto Rican lasagna with the pasta replaced by fried ripe plantain. It is a savory and sweet dish.  Akeem (Augie) Torres and his mother Eloisa made Pollo Guisado (stewed chicken) and Arrozo Con Gandules (rice and pigeon peas). We brought Puerto Rican candies for desert, but Susan Lampert Smith provided a fabulous pumpkin flan that topped off the evening.


In 25 October, Anthony Black and Leslee Nelson cooked a Cajun meal at Leslee & Craig’s home on the east side of Madison for Erin Schneider and Rob McClure of Hilltop Community Farm, as well as Tracy Curtis, Craig Werner, Michael Peterson, and Laurie Beth Clark.

After the meal, Erin wrote:

Rob and I wanted to extend our gratitude to you for feeding us! We are still blissed out from dinner and desert and were digesting on how much farming is a shared act of hard work, technique, love and celebration. We also think a lot about well-being, recognizing—its multi-faceted nature being both personal and collective. I keep thinking of the expression, “I am uplifted, because you are uplifted”.  I am reminded that I am uplifted by all those (CSA members, friends, neighbors, strangers, etc) who support the well-being enhancing experience of my ability to keep putting my hands in the soil and providing food and flowers for people. Your friendship and amazing cooking/hospitality helps keep us going and growing on the farm and in life!

On 29 October, Dijana Mitrovic and Tomislav Longinovic served Mediterranean food in their downtown apartment to Jamie and Diane Ramsay of Indian Farm Mushrooms and Hops. They used Jamie and Diane’s mushrooms, and added porcini mushrooms and truffles from Istria to pasta sauce as well. Additionally, they served parsnip soup, cheese burek, ajvar, hummus, roasted peppers, roasted beets, sour and sweet cabbage, Greek salad and vegan chocolate cake.

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