Registration now open for July 9 Foodwalks!


Foodwalk host Joey Lai on the street in Melbourne.

There will be a lot of Foodways Melbourne activity around the upcoming Performance Studies international conference, and we’re excited to announce that attendees can now register for a unique experience within the PSi Conference program—“foodwalks” curated by Spatula&Barcode.

On Saturday 9 July, 2016, during the conference lunch break (on a day when many campus food venues will be closed), dozens of local guides will offer casual “foodwalks” in which people who know Melbourne’s food scene intimately will share their unique perspectives on the local food culture. These are (mostly) not performances, but rather casual interactions to help visitors encounter Melbourne’s complex food culture. Your walk might include anything from a trip to a restaurant in another neighborhood to a walk to someone’s home, to huddling around a campstove in a park. Most walks will return you to the conference in time for afternoon sessions, and it’s possible to arrange to go with friends. The bottom line is that you will eat lunch, in most cases for around $20AU.

  • There’s no cost to book a foodwalk…
  • …but most do involve some food expenses, typically around $20AU…
  • …and some will require you to purchase a bus/tram pass (base $8 + fares $6 AU).
  • You MUST reserve a space. Due to the intimate nature of these experiences, only limited space is available, so please register as soon as possible. Booking now will help us plan with our hosts.
  • However, we will be available at the conference registration desk for making changes, answering questions, and making some last-minute bookings if available.

To register, please go to this online form

and respond to a few short questions so that you can be reserved for a foodwalk that’s a good fit for you.

Spatula&Barcode, a US based collaborative, is in Australia for six months to produce Foodways Melbourne, a series of events that celebrate the local food climate, and to help out around the PSi22 conference. The Foodwalks are part of the Foodways Melbourne series devised specifically for the Performance Climates conference. For more about Foodways Melbourne and Spatula&Barcode, see and, and follow @spatcode and #FoodwaysMelbourne on Twitter.


One thought on “Registration now open for July 9 Foodwalks!

  1. I’m sorry but I have to cancel for the Foodwalk tomorrow Saturdaly July 9. I will be out of town. Thank you anyway, Cynthia Schneider

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