3. Foodways Darmstadt: Rundgang

The second phase of the project was the most about spectacle.

We’d had an image we wanted to create and we needed to recruit bodies to do it.  In the end, thirty volunteers helped us to create a parade with vegetables, which ran through:

The Farmers’ Market   [Photo Rolf Gönner]:

Germany-024  [Photo Rolf Gönner]

…the Scholssgarten, the park that is situated within the moat of the castle  [Photo Rolf Gönner]:

Germany-032  [Photo Rolf Gönner]

…and into the Herrngarten  [Photo Rolf Gönner]:

Germany-060  [Photo Rolf Gönner]

…to arrive at the Prinz-Georg-Gartn, an awesome formal garden that is created entirely with edible plants.

IMG_4827There we shared a picnic featuring fruits and vegetables that were grown in the market–chard strudel, roasted eggplant and pepper dip, lettuce with fresh herb dressing, apple, pear, and plum cakes.

Below  [Photo Rolf Gönner], you can see us at the picnic wearing handmade paper hats designed by Susanne Schmitt who also created the artichoke hat that Laurie Beth is wearing in the parade.  Check out her artisanal hats at Schmitthut.

Germany-140  [Photo Rolf Gönner]

Johannes Breckner published two articles in the Darmstadter Echo about the project.  The first “Ein Rettich geht spazieren” was a preview for the full project and the second “Wo das karierte Tischtuch weht” was an account of his own participation in the parade.

Hans-Peter Wollmann’s video of Part Two can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEm41FLSwWY.


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