Cooking with Bird and Tom


The “Cooking with…” event that we auctioned in the benefit for Justin Bitner back in December was purchased by Bird Ross and Tom Loeser.  A few weeks ago, we were finally able to schedule a weekend that was compatible to all parties.


We began on Saturday (4/26) with a tour of Ethnic Groceries that included:

Bombay Bazaar

India House

Swagat Indian Grocery Store

Instanbul Supermarket

African Market

Mercado Marimar

Garden Asian Market

By accident, we stumbled upon the amazing La Michoacana Ice Cream Store. Highly recommended.

With more time, we would also have visited:

Viet Hoa Market

Oriental Shop

Oriental Food Mart

Yue-Wah Oriental Foods

and a sampling of the proliferation of Mexican groceries on almost every side of Madison.


We started cooking on Sunday (4/27) morning so that when Bird and Tom arrived at noon we were able to serve dal and idli and chutneys to get started.


Over the course of the next six hours, we cooked:

Peshwari Naan

Onion Paratha

Methi Poori

Paiche Makhani

Aloo Ghobi 

Bindi Masala

Baighan Bharta

Palak Paneer

Louki Hari Matar Sabji 

Simple Tomato Chutney

Fresh Ginger Chutney

Mango Kulfi



Brenda Baker, Dean Gore, Chele Isaac, and John Nies joined us for dinner.



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