We want to hear from you!

Dear Friends:

Thanks to everyone who has participated in Café Allongé by attending a performance.

We’re hoping you had a great experience and that you are willing to share it with us. You can do this by posting a comment below or by sending us an email at spatulaandbarcode@gmail.com.

If by any chance you did not receive a souvenir mug when you attended one of our performances, write to us at spatulaandbarcode@gmail.com and we’ll arrange to get one to you.

We’ll be hosting a party to celebrate the project in late January at which you will have the opportunity to speak with all the performers. More details coming soon.

Laurie Beth and Michael


24 thoughts on “We want to hear from you!

  1. Hi Laurie Beth and Michael! Sadly I’m not in the Madison area, so I wasn’t able to visit your activities, but WOW, what a fan I’ve become! This is such beautiful work.

    I’m in Leslie & Helen’s MOOC, and looking forward to having you as guest artists in a few weeks. Oh, and coincidentally I’m a group-mate of the awesome Katie Schaag.

    Will you be posting more media on Café Allongé? Images, text, perhaps video? I’ve worked for the past 4 years as a “Virtual Performance Artist” and this summer rechristened myself a “Virtual Public Artist” after finally realizing that that’s where my practice had evolved to. I’m finding public engagement so compelling today. Perhaps it always was. Perhaps the 1-to-many quality of 20th century big media distracted us from that. Perhaps the interactivity of the Net reminded us of it. I’m not sure, but I can testify to how right it feels for me right now.

    Anyway, I’d love to see / hear more of how this work went. If you’d like, it’d be wonderful to have you do a guest post on an arts salon (group blog) I host, iRez:

    Congratulations on Café Allongé & I’m looking forward to spending time with your ideas in the Leslie & Helen MOOC in a few weeks. And do say “Hi!” to the wonderful Ms. Schaag if you see her!


  2. I participated in Leslee Nelson’s Cafe Allonge event last Wednesday afternoon, and it was just terrific. I don’t believe anyone really wanted to leave, since the conversation and the stitching ignited such lovely insights and sharing. Plus I know just how I want to tackle a dormant project. I wish I could have attended a Bird Ross event, but I wasn’t fast enough signing up. I hope these sessions, when complete, begin anew!

    Bobbie Malone

  3. I participated in Leslee Nelson’s event at the Lakeside Coffee shop (café?) and had a lovely time with 5 other women chatting and working on “memory cloths”. I had no idea what to expect when I went there, but found it interesting and fun and I’m looking forward to the next event that I’ve signed up for in the first week of November.
    Monique Isham

  4. _Spill_ by Angela Richardson was an opportunity to be heard, listened to, and validated all in one beautiful moment. We, as a society, are collectively demonstrating an unconscious choice to speed up (possibly to our detriment). It’s rare that strangers spend the time to listen to one another. Rarer still to physically show a physical display of our conversation. Yet Ms. Richardson does just that during _Spill_ as she pens the participant’s own words into a visual display. Half diary, half biography, and half mirror, she has something here that can go far. Thank you, thank you.

  5. I participated in Readings from the Rigel-10 Tarot with Quan Barry and Michael Velliquette. The reading was detailed, interactive, and moving. Both the visual art and the poetry were lovely and powerful, and I felt privileged to have been able to spend time with them! And of course, I got a fabulous mug, which is now on my desk at work. Thanks so much for this event!

  6. I met with Leslee Nelson who is one of my very favorite people. She is an inspiration to all latent and aspiring artists as well as “established” artists. In the group I started a political memory cloth and continued to work on it when I got home. For me it became a wonderful way to vent some strong political feelings. A kind of therapy!

    Thanks for creating this venue for curious seekers. Marge Engelman

  7. I was fortunate to attend Jeff Cassey’s “odd coupling” performance, earlier this month. It was liberating to discuss about Montaigne’s concept of friendship, as it provided insight into my own thoughts about friendship. The power of the performance can be stated through my endevours to reach out to my friends, post performance.

  8. I attended one of Leslee Nelson’s memory cloth events and really enjoyed myself. I’m hoping to get to at least one more before she ends the series, though I’m secretly hoping that she’ll continue after the new year! I loved remembering my connection to needlework, and enjoyed meeting and talking with the women around the table. I had also hoped to sign up for a couple other events with other artists, but they were full before I heard about the Cafe.
    My only other comment might be that I, personally, don’t think that the mugs were at all necessary. It was a nice thought, but we all seem to already have too much ‘stuff’ in our lives, and the very generous presents that we were already receiving were the artist’s inspiration and each others company. Those were all the souvenirs that I needed.
    Beyond that, thanks so much for all of the work that went into organizing this. Please do it again!!

  9. I had an art encounter with Michael Peterson at Cargo Coffee. I loved the multi-media aspect of it. I got some tea (with my fabulous mug) at the drive-thru window, Michael taught me about coffee and the feelings it can evoke. We drove around the block, my car turned into a mobile cafe, had a sing-along (sort of), went on a stake-out and got to listen to some mood music that lingered… It brightened my whole day and made me reconsider what is beautiful and human in this world! Thanks Michael!

  10. I was fortunate to have experienced Cafe Allonge with both Michael Peterson and Angela Richardson on a visit back to Madison (what great timing!). As long time friends and artistic peers, it was great to “come home” to their ideas and share an untraditional way of catching up. Both works conjured a personal investigation (Michael’s through telling, Angela through asking) that prompted me to not only see myself in a different light, but the artists as well. To me, this is the most important function of any art; to learn something new about yourself and also of the artist. I couldn’t be more thankful for having been a part of the project.

  11. It was wonderful to finally meet Bird Ross, a fellow artist that I was very much aware of, but had never had the opportunity to meet. I had a delightful time with her at The Victory, using small props that she had to create a small table top stage and together we created a story. It was a delightful way for both of us to find out more about each other. My only regret is that I was not able to sign up for more Cafès as they were mostly filled by the time I checked all this out. What a great idea!

  12. I took my 85 year old mother with me to Cargo Coffee for the Cafe Allonge experience with Michael Peterson. We had great coffee, an interesting lesson (and taste of) coffee made in a unique way, insight into the dark side of coffee and a trip to the “child’s” neighborhood. We both loved it and highly recommend!

  13. I upended and reframed an ordinary day by attending Leslee Nelson’s participative Making Memory Cloths event. I expected the joy that it was to see her work and hear about what inspired her. I even expected there would be great conversation with a table full of strangers who decided to share this time for artistic expression and sharing. What I didn’t expect was how profoundly moved I would be when I simply let the needle and the conversation take me to a place I did not see coming. Thank you for Café Allonge’ – for the organizers, the artists and the coffee houses, too. And thanks for the mug. I love the reminder of this special event.

  14. I loved my 2 Cafe Allonge experiences; one on coffee and bitterness with Michael Peterson and the other with Leslee Nelson on Making Memory Cloths. Both were refreshing, deep and meaningful connections. It was great to meet people with whom I might never have had an opportunity to come into contact and to actually communicate at a personal level. Thank you for the meaningful experience. Please do this again.

  15. I was honored to participate in Jill Casid’s Café La Petite Mort performance. Talking about death has never been so delightful, and not only because of the fabulous props (although skulls, lace, and black leather always helps), but because this exchange of listening and being heard in a discussion about the very things that can easily silence us was also one that cherished difference. What I took away was an understanding that the things I don’t quite have the words to say may yet be heard by others, and that the intimate distance across which we might relate is not so distancing, but in fact deeply connects us through even the most challenging of encounters–and not in spite of, but because of, our differences. My deepest thanks.

  16. I feel grateful and honored to have participated with Michael Peterson with his drive-through piece (what an evocative and cinematic final moment) and with Craig Werner through his ’60s storytelling. Some of my favorite activities of the last couple of months.

  17. Katrina Schaag’s piece was warm, tender, thought provoking, and fun. I laughed, sang, drew, and all around had a great time. Thanks so much for the awesome opportunity! I loved it!

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  19. I was startled, excited, sad, happy, completely taken aback, inspired by Katrina Schaag as she guided me through her work. Paper, ink, audio, poetry, writing, touch, dreams and hopes, dancing, singing–it was all in an intense mix that was fresh and inspiring to me. This woman has the goods.

  20. I stitched with Leslee Nelson and one other participant on a November afternoon. I loved the act of being present with cloth, colors and other stitchers; the conversations and ideas shared were counterpoint to the movement of needle and thread. I now look at linens I have at home with a new eye, imagining them as future canvases.

  21. from Alex Huneeas:

    Perhaps my favorite part of Michael Peterson’s piece was waiting — looking out the car window in hopes his younger self would appear barefoot in the snow — to the nine inch nails soundtrack. The entire piece was a wonderful experience. Thank you!

  22. That you for this community event! Thanks for the invitation to not only view the art, but step in and participate with it, and become part of the work. This experiential art offered me time to think creatively about what I could bring to the work, and I took away new ideas for my own work. I would say you offered a great example of the Wisconsin Idea — thank you !

    • I wish I could have come last night, but I loved having a second session with Leslee, and all of us who participated last week are thrilled that she is as hooked on the sessions at Lakeside Coffee House as her devotees. I’ve got my Wednesday afternoons blocked out while her new exhibit is up at the Steenbock Gallery! Hooray for the ongoing inspiration! Thanks, Cafe Allonge!

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