Invitation and Timepiece for Record of the Time

Spatula&Barcode is collating a RECORD OF THE TIME of the PSi19 conference at Stanford University, 26-30 June 2013.  This subjective journal will document the collective experiences of conference participants.  Attendees are randomly assigned ten-minute intervals at registration and invited to contribute a description of activities during those ten minutes—in truth in fiction, on time or after the fact, in brief or in great detail, in text or in pictures.

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One thought on “RECORD OF THE TIME

  1. 1. Artists’ committee performances and discussion
    2. Toilet #1
    3. Drink tea
    4. Think about nothing and something
    5. Do nothing
    6. Fart
    7. Swallow and digest
    8. Sweat
    9. Walk around aimlessly
    10 Immerse in uncosciousness

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