German Press

We’ve been featured twice in the newspaper.  If you read German, try these links.

Ein Internationaler Waldkunstpfad in Darmstadt”. Johannes Breckner. Darmstädter Echo. 28 Juli.

Spaziergang zum Märchen-Menü”. Stephan Benz. Darmstädter Echo. 6 August.



2 thoughts on “German Press

  1. Dear Laurie Beth and Michael,
    we hope you made it back home across the pond safely – the Atlantic that is and not the Goetheteich in the Darmstadt woods – and you’re not too jet-lagged.

    As one of the participants in your Grimm show on Sunday, it certainly wasn’t grimm but fun, and I think the audiences must have appreciated your enthusiasm and ideas from the classical still life presented on the table at the beginning to the chocolate bar at the end of our hike around the woods. I’ll send this message by email too and will send you some pictures from yesterday afternoon.

    Cheers for now,


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