Images from Grim(m) Essen development work

We’ve been in residence in Darmstadt for almost two weeks. Below is a gallery of images we’ve been developing based on the food in the Grimm Brothers’ tales, published 200 years ago this year. This weekend we’ll have two “workshop” performances, with the official opening on the 11th and shows that weekend and the following.


3 thoughts on “Images from Grim(m) Essen development work

  1. I joined the performance today. It was great to paticipate. But now i´m really interested in the experiences that made two americans with the background of the fairy tales read in english in America and now performing in an german forest – where the stories are originally located – with words and sentences of the original collection of the brother Grimm, together with native germans who are grown up with the fairy tales of the Grimm´s and benefit from the linguistic work of these. And all this happened near the birthplace of the brother grimm.

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