Café Allongé Performance Details

MAP of all the Café Allongé venues.
at Pikolo Espresso Bar. 3418 avenue du Parc.
Andrew Salyer.
Coffee Story.
A journey through high seas, coffee, revolution, me, romance, and a tree.
at Caffè in Gamba. 5263 avenue du Parc.
Cecilia Leon
I Have a Crush on You.
I’ve always wanted to tell you something and I hope you don’t freak out. Please meet me so you can find out. Interactive, mixed media performance.
at ‎ Le Cagibi. 5490 boulevard Saint-Laurent.
Dale Kaminski .
Touching the Infinite.
African polyphony, Penrose tiles, unending loops. Penrose polyphony, unending tiles, African loops.  Unending polyphony, African tiles, Penrose loops.
at Café Pi. 4127 boulevard Saint-Laurent.
Erin Briddick. 
Fair Trade.
In this intimate performance, artist and audience engage in the act of trade as a means of sharing materials, images, and memory, in order to retrospectively make sense of family, labor, and loss.
at Brulerie St Denis. 3967 rue Saint-Denis.
Erin Hood.
 Anatomy Live: Lay Me Down on that Cold Concrete Slab.
This radical anatomy lesson has Vesalius turning over in his grave.
at Pour Quoi Pas. 1447 rue Amherst.
Jamie Landry.
I have something I want to share with you
Will you listen? Will you share something with me, too?
at Laika. 4040 boulevard Saint-Laurent.
James Burling.
Remember Pantoja. 
A game of dreams, memory and obsession.

at Café Olimpico.  124 avenue Saint Viateur Ouest.
Katrina Schaag.
Darling, won’t you sit down?  I must admit, I’ve a desire to whisk you away toward your wildest imaginings. Now look at this image and tell me what you see.  Oh!  Fascinating.  As I was saying…
at Café Myriade.  1432 rue Mackay.
Marina Kelly. Going (après Waiting).
Get your coffee and a performance to-go. Take a stroll around the block with an artist on-the-move.
at Club Social. 180 avenue Saint-Viateur Ouest.
Megan Marsh-McGlone.
Coffee with a Shot of Awkward.
How we carry the ones we love. When you get those big kitten eyes looking up at you asking “i can haz koffee?” it’s hard to say no– even though it probably isn’t going to end well if you actually let the cat have coffee.  So then, with whom do we share our beverages?
at La Croissanterie Figaro. 5200 rue Hutchison.
Megwyn Sanders-Andrews.
F%#k You, Andrew Lloyd Webber: the CD sampler.
Meet legendary Broadway superstar Sarah Notsobrightwoman for a blind coffee date.
at Boutique Kusmi, 3875 rue Saint-Denis.
Nicole Roerick.
Come experience something unique to your own mind, body, and breath that will stimulate your senses.  Allow yourself to let go all of inhibitions and restraints and be taken somewhere else in time and acknowledge yourself in the present. Come with an open mind and body!
Choose this performance if you prefer tea over coffee.
 MAP of all the venues.

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