Spatula&Barcode will bring a dozen performers to Montreal to stage table-top performances at cafes around the city. Participating artists include: Andrew Salyer, Cecilia Leon, Dale Kaminski, Erin Briddick, Erin Hood, James Burling, Jamie Landry, Katrina Schaag, Marina Kelly, Megan Marsh-McGlone, Nicole Roerick, Megwyn Sanders-Andrews, Nicole Roerick, and others.

By appointment, city residents and attendees at the 2011 American Society for Theatre Research conference are invited to have coffee with an artist and encounter a short performance. Performances run Friday and Saturday, November 18 and 19. All performances are primarily in English.
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As part of Café Allongé, Spatula&Barcode will also convene a working group at the ASTR conference Friday evening, honoring and interrogating the role of jobs in the service economy in sustaining theatrical production.


2 thoughts on “CAFÉ ALLONGÉ

  1. I was very impressed with the intention of this project in creating a awareness of the role of the service economy in sustaining theatrical production. I also appreciated the intention to bring ASTR participants out of the insular conference world into different parts of Montreal. I found the special session at ASTR both engaging and thought provoking.

    I participated in Marina’s walking performance and was deeply touched by the generosity of her performance.

    I look forward to participating in future Spatula and Barcode performances–your work is inspiring!

    All the Best,
    Jean O’Hara
    York University

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