melon (sic) workshop menu

French orange melon grown by Harmony Valley served with red and black sea salts.

Local melons purchased yesterday at the farmer’s market, harvest-themed napkins and souvenir melon baller in souvenir bag.

Two kinds of pickles: momofuku-style canteloupe and watermelon in sweetened rice vinegar, honeydew in soured garlic dill brine

Wisconsin musk melons chips air dried on premises.

White tea flavored with melons.

Melon soda.

Guest picked radish grown adjacent to melon.

Melon mint chewing gum.

Egusi Stew.

Fresh salsa made from locally grown cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, red onion, and our homegrown jalapeno peppers.

Watermelon sorbet with a bit of melon vodka added for consistency.

Thinly sliced Italian ham wrapped around Wisconsin muskmelon

RP’s winter squash ravioli served with a cantaloupe cream sauce.

Cataloupe and nori tempura served with wasabi yogurt sauce.

Watermelon “belly” grilled, sous vide, and sauteed in duck fat served along side tuna sashimi

Chilled soup with honeydew, cucumber and coconut milk.

an adapted version of Katrina Forest’s watermelon salad made with honeydew, cucumbers, peanuts, parsley and hazelnut oil.

Melon Sangria.

Bitter melon Stir Fry withFajita Pork and Shitake Mushrooms.

Grilled Muskmelon.

Mesclun greens and local sheep feta with a cantaloupe dressing.

Cantaloupe Quick Bread baked in a melon mold.

Midori Cocktails.



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