Some Photos from the Ride

Michael, as we wait a bit nervously to see who will show up at the start.

Michael, as we wait a bit nervously to see who will show up at the start.

We had about 30-35 people and a wonderful sunny day. About 8 different groups visited dozens of sites. We are travelling and preparing the next project but we will eventually post more documentation.


5 thoughts on “Some Photos from the Ride

  1. What a wonderful project! Thank you so much for making a project where we sweated and moved and breathed our relationships to a new place, a new space.
    Images from my ride include:
    Truckload of blue bikes
    Terror of new city bicycling
    Breeze over canals
    Margaret’s voice “here is where my sister lived”
    Women in clean pink lingerie in a houseboat next to an Arabic school (high fences)
    Hannah’s studio and fabric, paint and newsprint and an apron
    Nettles and black mud in between my toes
    The maps on the soup table
    Beer at a corner
    The new private memorial at the street corner with flowers and words I didn’t need to understand to feel pain
    Crunchy biscuit and cold water
    The city bleeding, blowing, streaming past my face as my legs moved
    Wheel locking, clunk

    This map is not to scale

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